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From:m. pushmzantsi 

To: <>

Date: Feb 12, 2018, 9:40 PM

Subject:  Question


Morning Sons of God


Did I wrong God by calling His Son Jesus not Yeshua?

I was thought and understood that the bible is the word of God and there is no lie in it.

And the name Jesus also mean Salvation.


As for me ,when I use the name Jesus custing out demons its working,praying for the sick in Jesus name it is working.


I get what you saying about Yeshua and I have no problem with that. 


When I’m calling Jesus I’m calling a god name.


Date:Nov 10, 2018, 11:35 PM

Subject:Re: Question


Sorry for the lateness of responding to your message.  Let’s start with Yeshua’s Holy prayer.  The holiest prayer EVER prayed upon the earth.  Our prayers can never touch His.  Many have forgotten and read past the prayer Yeshua prayed recorded in John 17.  My wife and I returned back to the states two months ago.  We lived in the holy land of Jordan, not as Muslims, but as children of God.  So many misunderstandings of who people are and who we think they are is what is confusing the body of Christ.  To answer your question as to His name, when you read the prayer He (your Holy Savior) prayed to the Father in Heaven, in the garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the “Mount of Olives, ” before He went to the cross, you will find four (4) times in His prayer He cried to the Father that He “indeed” left the name upon the earth.  Who can rebuke that? If we do, we are foolish virgins.  The Father honored the Son’s prayer.  


Please understand, we all are still learning, thanking our Holy God for His grace.  My wife and I at one time were very religious and caught up in man-made traditions as Baptist believers (we just didn’t know any better).  We followed for many years in traditional churches.  Yeshua introduced Himself to us through His Holy Word.  We MUST “seek to know the truth,” not just follow others.  We have no problem with any church or vineyard; however, it is much more than a building for all of God’s children to gather in and NOT know the truth of who their savior really is.  He is Holy, this must be understood.  Our Holy Savior “lived a SEPARATED, CONSECRATED lifestyle” and left His Torah, His laws, and principles for His children to follow.  We must follow Him more than the traditions of men, pastors, and many Christian leaders who lead by their own example.  


We must understand that the Name given to Yeshua was given from where He was born.  He wasn’t born in the United States.  The NAME, Yeshua, is a name with an “inherent meaning,” which means “SALVATION.” The NAME, Jesus, was translated by men and has “no inherent meaning.”  This is the covenant of God that NO child of God should question.  We cannot erase “His Holy prayer” to think our prayers will be heard over His.  The prayer has already been administered upon the earth as has “His Holy Blood.”  


Another truth is, our Lord God has “graced” us all “in ignorance.”  Remember, Yeshua WAS UPON THE EARTH, and NOT one time did He say, healing was in “His name.”  He told all those He healed, “their FAITH,” made them whole (Read: Mark 5:34, Luke 17:19, Matthew 9:22, Mark 10:52, Luke 8:48, Luke 18:42).  Not one time, did He say, “My NAME will heal you.”  It is written in scripture whereby it says, “At the Name of Yeshua” every knee shall bow (Philippians 2:10-11).  Of course, your Bible was written in English.  That DOES NOT MEAN the Father in Heaven “authorized it.”  Remember, there is a devil, “HaSatan” upon the earth fooling many.  


Please know, the Bibles were translated.  The man, “King James,” was a Scotsman in England, not a Hebrew-Jew who was challenged by scholars to translate the Bible.  The whole entire Bible is written from a Hebraic perspective and given to us by Hebrew-Jews.  It is definitely NOT an English book.  The same way many would fail “Spanish” trying to understand it from an English perspective, is the same way many read the scriptures from an English point of view, which makes it hard for many who just don’t want to learn it from a Hebraic perspective.  



Apostle Paul said to the Gentiles (non-Hebrew-Jews), DO NOT BOAST AGAINST THE NATURAL BRANCHES (Hebrew-Jews). Romans 11:18.  The word Gentile is an English translation of the Hebrew word goyim (“people, nations”) and the Greek word ethne (“nations, people groups, people”). The Latin Vulgate translated these words as gentilis, and this word was then carried over into English as “Gentile.” 


The “root,” (Yeshua) is “supporting every Christian Believer” from where He released His Salvation on the cross for us and took on our sins that we may be made whole as He is (obeying His truths).  Nothing was released from America other than a “translated Bible” to read as an“English Bible.”  


Yeshua clearly told us, “He is the true vine” (John 15).  In other words, there are many “other false vines” even today, “still springing up.”  We MUST stay connected to the “True Vine,” Israel. 



Salvation came from the Hebrew Mashiach (Christ).  No one in America can take the credit for it.  He was born and raised in the Middle East.  Men changed the Holy Name 500 years after He left the earth.  Did our Holy Savior know that “His Holy Name” would be changed?  Of course, He did.  Thank our Lord God today, you are hearing the truth.



Let us explain that both my wife and I have been used also to see many miracles by the leading of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, to see blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, and many other supernatural miracles.  This was all under the translated name Jesus because God looks upon our heart to be sincere.  We have been graced for centuries, “ALL BELIEVERS.”  In the United States, men have made Him their “AMERICAN JESUS.” God looks upon our heart and has pitied us, for lack of knowledge.  This does NOT make it right.  Nevertheless, the Father in Heaven obviously DID NOT authorize an English name for His Holy Son who was born over in another country.  In no way, DID THEY CALL HIM, “BY AN ENGLISH NAME IN THE Middle East. “ 


It is the “SACRED PRAYER THAT YOU ARE HEARING ABOUT NOW” and being tested “once you know the truth” to see if you are willing to accept the truth or would you rather keep compromising by doing and saying what everybody else is doing?  You see, we perish for lack of knowledge and NOT knowing God’s Torah.  Some of His children will NEVER accept He is their middle Eastern Savior, yet, all His children, want ALL HIS BENEFITS.  


Father God desires our eyes to be opened to His truth.  In no way, did He give His “middle Eastern Holy Son,” an ENGLISH name.  Our Holy Father is “LONG-SUFFERING,” with us in our ignorance.  We went to the Middle East, lived there for one year, traveled in different parts of Israel, etc., no one there has English names.  Sadly, many Christian believers think that it’s ok to call Him “whatever name they please.”  In no way, can we call each other “any name we please,” most will use profanity against you if you call them by another name or the wrong name.  Not our Holy Father!  He is so beautiful and long-suffering with us.  YOU are in a “new day,” and hour, to know the truth and to be set FREE in His truth.  


Had Yeshua NOT left His prayer upon the earth, then “Yes,” we could use the name “man” nicknamed Him.  For those who NEVER heard this truth, then they are NOT held accountable. You are hearing this truth because Father God authorized it for you to know the truth “by seeking and seeking” to know something is missing within the body of Christ. 


Also, our Holy Father HAS ALREADY “honored” His Son’s Holy prayer and nothing can change that nor pull it up…..the prayer has already been prayed upon this earth.  THE PRAYER WAS PRAYED (John 17), THEN THE HOLY BLOOD WAS PAID.  THE TRUTH IS, OUR HOLY FATHER IN HEAVEN NEVER AUTHORIZED ANOTHER NAME FOR HIS SON.  IT IS THE ONE NAME, NOT NAMES…..THAT YESHUA DECLARED TO THE FATHER HE GAVE TO HIS DISCIPLES.  



The Lord God desires for the “bride” to “know the bridegroom’s” name.  How can a bride enter a wedding feast NOT knowing the groom’s appointed name? 


We must know, Him, His culture, His mannerisms, His practices and what He did while He was upon the earth and follow in His image and His likeness.  No man is greater than His Master. Please revisit His prayer (John 17).  Look at verses 6, 11, 12, and 26 and remember, in no way, “living in the Middle East” at that time, did He have an English name.  Man changed it (those living in Babylon).  We are still in a Modern Day Babylon full of abominations, confusion, and extreme evils.  His will has NOT been done yet upon this earth.  Many are still NOT “hallowing the name on earth as it is in Heaven.”


Praise God, for His Grace towards us.  Let us keep in touch, we thank God for YOU as our brother in the Mashiach (Christ).  We are ALL learning together.  Our question to you is, “will you allow us to post your question on our website?”  In this way, others with the same question can also be enlightened.  We won’t post your name, just use initials; it’s solely up to you.  We would have to also “post our answer to it.”  To God Be All the Glory.  


We love you with Yeshua’s Holy Love!  

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